5 Things an Engineering Recruitment Company Will Do (That You Won’t)



Partnering with an engineering recruitment company means getting a knowledgeable and experienced team to help you with things you might not necessarily be able to do on your own. Engineering recruitment companies make it their job to take on tasks that you often don’t have the time or resources for. Here are five things an engineering recruitment company will do that you won’t:

1. Develop Candidate Pools

Hiring occurs when a position becomes vacant or when a new position is created and it needs to be filled. However, keeping up candidate pools even when you have no need for new employees is widely believed to be one of the best hiring strategies you can adopt. It ensures that when the need does rise, there are options already in place, and it dissipates the anxiety that can often come with needing to fill positions on a short notice.
Keeping candidate pools, however, takes a lot of energy and care, and is therefore not regularly done. Engineering recruitment firms maintain candidate pools and are always keeping people in mind for your business, even when the need hasn’t yet arisen, meaning they’ll be ready when it does.

2. Dedicate Significant Time

Engineering recruitment companies spend their time researching and finding the best talent on the market—it’s literally their job! They spend huge amounts of time fostering deep networks that provide skilled professionals, and they keep their finger on the pulse of labour markets and engineering trends. They spend all day, every day putting in the work to source candidates for their clients—time that on their own, their clients would never be able to commit to.
No business can worry about hiring all year round; they have too many other pressing concerns that take up their time. Engineering recruitment companies, however, have the time needed to find the highest quality candidates for your business.

3. Give You a Guarantee Period

Most engineering recruitment companies provide guarantee periods for any of the staff they help employ, effectively giving you a safety net when it comes to hiring decisions. One of the biggest risks that you run when hiring is choosing the wrong candidate and having to commit time, energy, and money into an employee who’s not living up to the potential for the role they’ve filled.
Employees hired through the recruitment agency come with a guarantee ranging from three months to a year. If in that time, the new hire does not work out, the recruitment company will waive the associated fees and offer a replacement.

4. Create Skill-Building Programs

Engineering recruitment agencies work with both companies and individual job seekers, helping the former find staff and the latter find jobs. Many engineering recruitment companies offer free skill-building training to job hunters, helping them to bolster their skill sets and strengthen their resumes. This means that candidates sourced through engineering recruitment companies have access to training that helps them learn things like how to use industry specific software programs. They bring these skills with them to their positions, and the training they receive is not something that most companies have the resources to provide all new hires with.

5. Run Qualifying Tests

The candidates you are shown by an engineering recruitment firm come with a guarantee of high quality for a reason. Engineering recruitment companies thoroughly vet all of their candidates and submit them to qualifying tests that ensure they are qualified to work for your business. While you would review resumes and interview candidates, few companies have the resources available to submit candidates to qualifying tests or to vet potential hires in the same way that an engineering recruitment company would.



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